Satellite TV Installation & Repairs

MKH offer reasonably priced, high-quality and friendly, digital satellite dish installation and repair services across the West Midlands.

Look no further if you are in Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield or surrounds.  Check our prices page to see our reasonable satellite dish installation and repair pricing.

We install Freesat TV and satellite dishes that you need to receive and watch ‘subscription free’ television broadcast to continental Europe and the UK.

We can also repair or replace damaged or broken satellite dishes and cabling.

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We Also Offer Other Satellite TV Services :

  • Dish installation
  • Chimney Installations
  • Dish re-alignment
  • Satellite extensions to other rooms
  • L.N.B changes
  • Satellite TV Installation
  • Magic Eye Installation
  • Amplified TV Distribution to other rooms (multiroom)
  • TV Wall Mounting
  • Re-cabling
  • House moves of your existing equipment

Freesat (‘Free To Air’ Satellite) Across West Midlands

Freesat Gives You More Choice & Higher Quality

With no subscription and 140 new TV and Radio channels Freesat brings you something for everyone. Only one payment to make, then your Freesat tv installation is free! Call us now on 0121 749 4029

Freesat is available across the UK and offers HD services without subscription. Free satellite TV brings more than 140 new TV and Radio channels in an affordable and subscription-free package. New TV channels and radio stations are added frequently.

It’s is a great way to receive a wide choice of cheap digital TV, HD programmes and digital radio with sound and visual quality that you will really appreciate.

With a Freesat+ box you’ll even be able to record your programs, pause them or rewind live TV! All this is available for a one-off payment and without a monthly fee.

After installation your Free To Air TV channel selection will remain subscription-free forever.

Single TV or Multi-Room Installations

We are pleased to provide digital TV services for single room, or multi-room applications.

freesat logoEach TV in the house can have its own box. Up to 8 televisions can be served by each satellite dish for a clear, reliable service.
MKH Aerials are digital TV installers with a wealth of experience installing satellite dishes and receivers.

Freesat systems are quickly installed without undue mess, by our qualified, professional installers. MKH Aerials leads the way in terms of professional service, courtesy and old fashioned honest work.

MKH Aerials will give you impartial and clear advice before fitting your digital tv dish and system with a minimum of mess or stress.

European & Overseas (Foreign) Satellite TV

Changing European Satellite And Channels

If you are in the West Midlands want us to realign your European satellite system to tune in to a different satellite (offering a different selection of channels) we are delighted to do so for you. Please be aware that you will receive only the channels offered by the new choice of European TV satellite as the dish will no longer be pointing at the old satellite you used to use.

Many people, not just bi-lingual families, enjoy watching TV in a second language, programmes and films direct from overseas and it also offers great reinforcement for adults and children learning a second language.

So if you have an interest in European or overseas channels or have just got hooked on the recent high quality French and Scandinavian dramas that have become prevalent on British TV, then we are able to help.

Subscription Free European Programming

We are delighted to offer digital European satellite dish installation and digital satellite receivers which will allow you to receive programmes in a variety of languages from one of the main satellites (for example Hotbird, Eutelsat and Astra).

While the vast choice of digital European satellite TV channels is impressive, the low price of a system which allows access to most of them might surprise you! Contact us for advice and information here or call 0121 749 4029.

european satellite

European Satellite TV Repairs & Realignment Services

If you already have a system for receiving digital European satellite TV but are having problems receiving a good signal or think your equipment may be damaged, we can help.

We are happy to visit your premises or home, test the system and replace any faulty satellite TV equipment which is causing you problems.

We also offer a digital European satellite TV realignment service to make sure that you stay on channel!

There’s a multitude of free European satellite channels available. Each satellite carries its own mix but there’s a great variety on each one.