Prices For TV Aerial & Satellite TV Installation / Services

Most quotes can be given over the phone for standard work though larger jobs such as whole house TV distribution systems will require a free visit to quote.

You can find out more about our installation and repair services on our TV Aerials and Satellite Dish pages.

We offer a wide variety of TV and aerial services starting from:

  • TV Aerial Installation £85
  • Satellite Installation £60
  • Service Repair Work £30
  • Extra TV Points £25
  • Dish Re-alignment £35
  • Renewed Cable £30
  • Fault diagnostics £25
  • Satellite Extensions £25
  • Repairs to Aerials £35
  • TV Set-Ups £25
  • TV Wall Brackets £20
  • TV Wall Mounting £40
  • Home Network Cabling from £65
Due to individual differences between property types, height of property and customer requirement it can be difficult to give a one fits all price. However a standard three bed semi-detached property requiring a complete installation of: Digital aerial, pole, bracket and cable fitted in a loft or on a chimney would range from £85 to £120 (fully inclusive) the only difference being the pole height and strength of bracket required for a larger pole.
To install your own satellite equipment on a standard three bed semi would be between £60 and £100 depending on the location of the dish, the cheaper being installed on the wall and the later for a chimney installation if gaining satellite signal is a problem.
Service work varies from running a new cable from an aerial to the set-up of a new TV system or a satellite dish not working. Because of this, giving an approximate charge can be difficult or misleading. We do not charge a call out fee, but we do charge for service work!

Service work starts from £30 depending on the fault or repair.