Frequently Asked Questions


Satellite TV

What is the difference between Free sat & Sky?

Free sat has no monthly subscription but not as many channels as Sky.

Can my old Sky dish receive free sat?

Yes you only have to change the receiver.

What if I want to keep Sky in my living room but have free sat elsewhere?

If you have Sky plus or Sky HD then you can have Free sat in other rooms.

How many Free sat receivers can I have with one dish?

If you use non recordable Free sat receivers you can have as many as eight receivers without the need for complicated or expensive equipment. If however you use a recordable Free sat receiver you cannot use as many from one dish, as the output from the L.N.B (the part on the end of the dish) has only 4(quad) or 8(octo) outputs as recordable receivers use 2 outputs.

I have a recordable receiver how many cables from the dish does it need?

All recordable receivers need 2 cable feeds.

What is the cheapest way to watch HD?

HD is available through Sky/Free sat/Freeview/Virgin Media and BT Vision; unless your T.V is fitted with a HD tuner then free sat HD is the cheapest way to watch HD.

I have a Sky box but don’t subscribe anymore will I get the same channels as on Free sat?

No without subscribing to Sky you will not get anything like what is available on Free sat.

I would like to have Sky but have heard some real horror stories associated with Sky’s installation technique’s, do I have to use their installers?

No you can have an independent installer install the dish and all the cable work where and how you would like it installed for a little extra cost.

Can I have Sky in other rooms?

Yes if you don’t want expensive multi room you can have Sky linked with your aerial to go to other rooms but you can only watch the same Sky channel or any other free view channel at the same time.

Frequently asked questions about terrestrial aerials

Since the digital switchover my T.V. pictures as not as good as they were, why?

When the switchover happened the strength of the signal was increased, and also the frequency of some of the channels changed. Therefore there are two possibilities you would experience problems the first being that the Aerial may need re aligning (setting with a meter) or if there is an amplifier in the system, the signal strength is too high. Both would be remedied by a competent engineer with a signal meter.

How many T.V’s can I run off one Aerial?

Hotels with a hundred plus rooms only have one Aerial so there is no limit as these would be fed from an amplifier. On domestic properties however depending on which transmitter you receive your signals from you would not have use an amplifier if the signal strength was high enough, again this would only be known if you used a signal meter.

My T.V duplicates a lot of the digital channels and puts them in the wrong order, what causes this?

The most likely causes would be that your Aerial is wideband and not dedicated to a particular transmitter and picking up signals from two transmitters, the cheapest and perhaps crudest way to alleviate this problem, if you know the first frequency number from your preferred transmitter do a retune without the Aerial in the T.V, as you search the T.V and you near the lowest frequency number put the Aerial back in, it should only then store the signals in the correct order. Alternatively use a grouped Aerial for the preferred transmitter and align with a signal meter.

Why can’t I record the digital channels from my T.V?

As a T.V is predominately a monitor it has no output device to record from, however some T.V’s do have loop through but this only allows the signal and not the pictures out of the T.V.

Do Aerials have to be fitted outside?

No, most Aerials fitted outside were done so for ease of gaining clear signal in the days of analogue, a digital signal can be obtained in most, but not all situations from the roof space (loft) though the signal strength will be lower therefore would need amplifying to distribute to other rooms.