New Online Televisions Craze Soon To Sweep The West Midlands & Staffordshire?

A recent trip to a large electrical store near Sutton Coldfield found us having our attention caught by the new television ranges. As the online world continues to permeate more and more aspects of our lives (reports suggest the likes of Google have online fridges on the way!), some cars are now online and of course large technology and electronics companies have been busy developing better and better ways of bringing full internet access to your homes television.

At present this well-known electrical retailer has two fully internet enabled televisions available. In addition to the two full internet access televisions there are also a number of additional digital televisions which give access to certain online content such as BBC IPlayer. All this is set to change around April. This is when a lot of the large brands tend to bring out their new models. LG and Sony have been working on Google TV for some time and we await these with interest. Many of the other brands are set to follow suit and so it will not be surprising to see the number of televisions which enable full search engine usage, social media and all other aspects of the web.

Of course the way we interact with television programs and tv advertising is expected to evolve as ad agencies encourage us to interact with online content when they promote new products and services to us. Whether we continue to run for the kettle during ad breaks remains to be seen, as the number of people reported to use more than one device simultaneously when watching tv (checking Facebook on tablet computers, smart phones etc) appears to be going through the roof.

Blending digital entertainment such as SKY tv, Freesat, Freeview with other online content will no doubt become increasingly a part of television shows, not just advertising. However there will no doubt always be a demand for quality drama, documentary, comedy and soaps – so those of you fearing a take-over of “Social Media TV” can probably rest easy-so those that have invested in digital services such as Freeview syetms or on having a new digital aerial installed as the result of the recent digital witchover need not fear over their investment in terms of quality of programming.

Those of our TV aerial and Satellite tv customers in Birmingham, Solihull, Lichfield and other West Midlands and Staffordshire regions wishing to have full internet access through their televisions will soon be able to order from a wide range of internet televisions either by visiting a local high street retailer or retail park – or by purchasing their internet tv online.

Your online televisions will be able to tap into existing wireless internet signals. Those concerned about the quality of picture they are getting if they have just ordered a new television can contact MKH Aerials dometic or commercial divisions on 0121 749 4029 or email us here