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TV Antennas Installed Across West Midlands by MKH

Saving Money With Communal Living Solutions

If you live in an apartment building or communal block, you could join with your neighbours to install a system that allows you all to share digital TV aerials which services all your television needs with savings for everyone. Use our contact form or call us on 0121 749 4029 to find out how we can provide the best solution for you in Birmingham, Solihull, neighbouring parts of Staffordshire and Warwickshire or the rest of the West Midlands.

We are highly experienced in the installation of new and replacement digital aerials in homes across the West Midlands.

Call us on: 0121 749 4029 to book a visit to your West Midlands premises.

The equipment we install is selected to work extremely well and present the lowest chance of problems in the future.

Freeview Aerials / Antenna

In areas with good digital TV reception, we can install suitable digital TV aerials and Freeview receivers bringing Freeview ‘Free To Air’ television to your home.

Enjoy a wide variety of television channels with cost-effective digital television installations by MKH Aerials. Dozens of TV channels are available in your home and also a wide variety of radio stations, subscription-free!

Domestic Freeview is particularly suitable for houses or apartments where satellite dishes may not be permitted or where they can’t be satisfactorily sited.

Frequently Asked Questions About TV Aerials

No. There’s no need to replace your existing televisions if they are in perfectly good working order. If you want to take advantage of HD (High Definition) broadcasts then you should consider upgrading to an HD TV as necessary. If you are not too bothered about receiving Freeview HD, then your current TV is probably absolutely fine!

With a Freeview TV or suitable receiver (sometimes known as a ‘digibox’) attached to each TV, the signal from your new digital aerial will provide you with a better picture and sound automatically as well as more choice.

If you have had an engineer out to install BT Vision or Talk Talk and they have struggled to complete the installation you may have been advised by them that you need a new aerial.  It may be that you have moved to a house with an insufficient aerial or no aerial at all present or perhaps you have previously relied on satellite dish reception and changed  your provider.

If this is the case we can install or replace an existing aerial to give you the reception you need to enjoy television from BT Vision, Talk Talk or other leading providers.

Digital TV requires a good signal level to work reliably.  Old or cheap TV aerials which can’t provide a decent quality digital TV reception can easily be exchanged with replacement equipment such as a ‘high-gain’ TV aerial.

Sometimes houses in areas with a poor digital TV signal will also require signal boosters (TV aerial amplifiers) to improve the viewing experience.  We can advise you on solutions that will provide you with the highest quality viewing experience at the best price.

Freeview broadcasts are available across the whole of the UK (almost!). However, sometimes in poor reception areas it is not possible to improve TV reception enough and your Freeview box would not work properly, even with a high-gain TV aerial with signal boosters.

If your property is in an area which suffers from TV reception problems, we may suggest you opt for a Sky TV installation or Freesat (‘free to air’ satellite) TV solution.

Whichever solution you choose, our experienced professional TV fitters will do their very best to make the TV Aerial, cabling & receiver we install blend into its surroundings as much as is possible. We also take pride in leaving the installation area of your house as tidy as it was when we arrived!

One thing our clients regularly comment on is how much care and attention we take to ensure your decor, living room and  interior areas of your home are kept looking as neat and tidy as possible – with wiring concealed and discreetly installed where it is possible to do so.

If you need telephone extensions or new sockets fitted at the same time we are happy to accommodate your needs.

Preparing to fit a new high gain Digital TV Aerial