Poor TV Signal Reception

Honesty, Trust And Service

Whichever solutions we offer you, we will give you honest, practical advice and service. A tidy, courteous and timely installation by MKH Aerials will also cost you less than work carried out by many other providers.

Some areas have poor tv signal reception and Freeview digital TV is subject to some of the same issues, such as geographic isolation or interference blocking the signal. You might be in a dip or valley that make it hard for the signal to reach you. Some houses have internal aerials (often in the loft) which are subject to lower signal levels and interference than roof mounted TV aerials. These are not recommended and often placing a new digital TV antenna outside the house and properly aligning it will greatly improve your TV signal reception.

Solutions For Areas Of Poor TV Signal Reception

Whatever the problem with your Freeview TV reception, you can be assured that MKH Aerials will assess your issues and offer the most sensible solution. We take pride in offering real solutions and you can be confident that we base our offerings on an honest assessment and service.

We often find that our new digital TV aerials, rated as being ‘high gain’, solve the problem. These superior quality aerials maximise the efficiency with which the signal is received from the air and so provide a stronger signal to your Freeview box.

Improving Aerial Positioning For A Better Picture

widescreen tv no signalIf many houses in your area have very high TV masts, it could be that you need to site your own digital TV aerial higher to reach the signal. MKH aerials fit a range of digital TV antennas and ‘masts’ to improve your Freeview TV reception.

It could be that weathering has moved your aerial or that it was poorly positioned by the original installers. In these cases we are happy to provide an aerial realignment service. We may suggest that you replace an old, poor quality or insufficient aerial with a modern digital TV aerial at this point. The extra cost of doing this is minimal compared to the benefits it offers and it saves the additional expense of calling us out for another visit.

High Quality Equipment For Better Picture Quality

On rare occasions, even a newly fitted digital TV aerial can provide a poorer signal sometimes due to insufficient quality cabling and fittings. MKH Aerials only use high quality, low-loss cabling and are happy to replace low quality cable where this is the best solution.

For some areas a properly installed digital TV booster may be required to increase the signal to satisfactory levels. Boosters are most effectively installed close to the aerial rather than next to the digital TV receiver.

freesat logoInstalling a digital TV booster near the aerial (often in the loft) also provides the opportunity to route digital TV to more than one room in the house, splitting and boosting the signal to provide high quality throughout.

Freesat Or Sky TV vs Freeview

If our assessment shows that none of the above solutions will bring you the Freeview viewing quality you need, we may offer you a Freesat solution.

Freesat offers you the same improved choice of digital TV channels, but uses a small satellite dish rather than TV aerial to bring your home entertainment to you. We can advise you on a range of digital satellite TV solutions where this is the case.

Freeview_retro_logo_solidOccasionally the reverse will be true and you may find that you cannot easily receive a Freesat signal because of environmental barriers or blocks on installing a digital satellite TV dish on shared accommodation. Where this is the case we can advise and offer your Freeview digital TV aerials and receivers if an assessment of your property shows that you have sufficient signal to benefit from it.

You may decide to take advantage of one of the great Sky, Sky+ or Sky HD offers at this time and we are delighted to install your new Sky TV installation and equipment at this point.