Freeview (‘Free To Air’ Terrestrial)

Analogue TV broadcasts ceased in the UK in 2012, so MKH Aerials only install Digital TV equipment.

Of course Freeview TV brings an incredible viewing choice compared to the old analogue terrestrial TV model.

Freeview Digital TV Channels

In areas with good digital TV reception, we can install suitable digital TV aerials (antennas) and Freeview receivers, bringing ‘Free To Air’ television to your home.

In no time at all you will be enjoying a much better variety of television channels with our cost effective and simple solutions.

Freeview Shows

Freeview brings up to 70 digital TV channels to your TV (often with superior picture quality) and also 29 radio stations, without a subscription!

And with the advent of newer and better Freeview boxes, including Freeview HD Recorders your only problem will be deciding what to watch and when.

The Freeview channel list is extensive and you may find that you simply don’t need some of the more expensive TV packages on offer.

A One Off Payment For Great Digital TV

Call us now on 0121 749 4029 and start benefiting from Freeview digital TV, subscription free forever!

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Single TV or Multi-Room Freeview Installations

With a ‘free to air’ receiver (sometimes known as a ‘digibox’ or ‘Freeview set top boxes”) attached to each TV, the signal from your new digital TV aerial will provide you with a better picture and sound as well as more choice.

And don’t forget you recordable Freeview box.

There’s no need to replace your existing televisions if they are in perfectly good working order, but you will need a booster/splitter in place near to the aerial.

Multi-Room Freeview Installers

MKH Aerials carry all the equipment needed to quickly and efficiently install multiple Freeview systems in your home or office.

It’s also a great option for houses or apartments where satellite dishes may not be permitted or prove to be impossible to fit.