Network Cable Installation Sutton Coldfield

If you have been searching for Network Cable Installers In Sutton Coldfield, you have come to the right place!

Why Cable Home Networks?

Many of our customers tell me that they love the idea of Wi-Fi but have found the realities of Wi-Fi connections to be less than satisfactory.  The technology has improved enormously since it first appeared, but there are some ways in which wi-fi will always be fallible.  Any radio signal is degraded when it tries to pass through thick, dense walls common in older properties or even thin walls with certain types of insulation.   Certain metal lined insulation materials have been known to stop wifi signals entirely. Luckily we have a solution at MKH Aerials.

As one of the leading providers of network cable installation in the West Midlands, we can bring our expertise to your home in Sutton Coldfield. With our high-quality cabling, we can distribute your broadband internet connection across your property and into your gardens or grounds.  Most devices can be connected directly to the network sockets we install and for other mobile devices, we can install a second Wi-Fi router to offer wireless connectivity.

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The Benefits Of Broadband On A Cabled Network

  • Faster Downloads
  • Watch TV, Surf the Internet, Download files
  • Better ‘latency’ for gamers
  • Internet anywhere in your home
  • Constant, steady, speed
  • No more waiting for connectivity
  • No clash with wireless baby-monitors / next doors wifi
  • No keys or codes are needed
  • True Plug & Play for network devices
  • Network repeaters aren’t required
  • Simple to expand
  • East to add Wi-Fi access points

Careful Installation Without Disrupting Your Home

We plan your installation with care to avoid unnecessary disruption to your home and degredation of your broadband signal.  We plan the routing of cable lengths and the best places to install your network sockets. We keep everything nicely organised and work hard to keep the areas we work on clean and tidy.  The care we take means that you don’t need to worry about excessive amounts of cable or spoiling the existing look of your home.  Be sure to mention any areas that you are particularly keen to avoid cabling showing and we will do our utmost to please.

MKH Aerials bring your a totally professional service from start to finish.  You will always be able to call on our highly trained team with any outstanding questions, concerns or if you have a problem.

network installation carefully finished

We have been working in the Sutton Coldfield area for over 20 years and have we are confident that whatever your Digital TV or broadband requirements, we can help you to get the best signal, whether that comes from a digital TV aerial, a digital satellite dish or Broadband signal.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about the services we can bring to you, wherever you are in the Sutton Coldfield region: Mere Green, Four Oaks, Erdington, Little Aston or even Lichfield.

Contact MKH For Advice On Home Network Installations In Sutton Coldfield

When you call on us for help with network cable installation we will discuss your needs with you and offer suggestions. With our assistance and expertise you can get the results you want and make the very most of your budget. It is of course important to use the correct type of cable.

We offer a choice of Cat 5e or Cat 6. Cat 6 cable is more expensive but boasts higher specification and can provider a much higher speed than Cat 5e.  Modern broadband speeds and domestic network equipment doesn’t usually require Cat 6, but it can be useful to negate the effects of distribution over wide areas.

Cat 5e is still preferred for many home installations as it has lower cost and in most situations is perfectly satisfactory.

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