Network Cable Installation Birmingham

If you struggle with the Wi-Fi signal strength in a property and need a more reliable solution opting for a hardwired connection could be the perfect option.

The cabling can be installed in all kinds of locations, ensuring there is a secure line to connect to whenever it is needed. If you’re thinking of installing a network cable, read on.

Ethernet Network Cabling Installation

At MHK Aerials we have built a strong reputation as one of the leading providers of network cable installation in Birmingham. We can help you with getting everything set up.

Our highly experienced team can design cabling installations for all kinds of settings, from home offices to outbuildings, Wi-Fi dead spots, and loft extensions.

In each location we can run the cabling effectively, ensuring the layout is correct and the risk of wear and tear is minimised. You can decide exactly where the cable needs to be run to and we will ensure it is done.

home network cabling services in birmingham

The Benefits Of Home Network Installation in Birmingham

  • High download speeds
  • More simultaneous users
  • Lower ‘ping’
  • No deadspots / blackspots
  • Consistent high speeds
  • Reliable connection without delays
  • No interference
  • No tricky settings
  • Plug and Play
  • No need for wi-fi repeaters
  • Easily extended
  • Works in parrallel with existing wi-fi

How Our Home Network Cabling Service Works

We will begin by getting to know your specific needs. This helps us to offer recommendations for the installation and the type of cable that should be used. There are a number of choices, ensuring you can select network cables to suit your requirements and budget.

Once cables have been selected and we understand your specifications we can complete the job and get everything up and running. We will do this as efficiently as possible, working to minimise disruptions whilst also maintaining the quality.

In addition our team will work to keep everything clean as we work; clearing up as we go so you don’t have to.

Ethernet Cable Installation Services

Whether you need a simple installation for a single room or a large multi-point environment setting up we can provide the perfect services for you. Our flexibility and the great results we offer are what have helped retain our position as the most reputable provider of network cable installation Birmingham has.

If you have any questions for us or would like to discuss your project please get in touch. MKH Aerials is always happy to assist clients.

Broadband As It Is Meant To Be

The biggest benefit of having network cable installed in a property is you can take advantage of high download speeds regardless of the obstacles that limit Wi-Fi signal strength. This is great for parts of a property that are far removed from the router or areas where you want to maintain services effectively such as in home offices.

When you call on us to install network cabling we will work closely with you to provide the best results and ensure that your broadband functions as it is meant to.

Event the best routers from Virgin Media, BT and so on need help occasionally.

Network Cable Installation Pricing

Our home network cabling started from just £65 but larger jobs will require a free visit to provide a price for your work.

We do not charge a call out fee, so get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

If you have any questions for us or would like to discuss your project please get in touch. MKH Aerials is always happy to assist clients.

Home Network Cabling FAQs

Installing a network cable in Birmingham will ensure: greater speeds, less latency, a more secure connection and reliability. Which means a lot less downtime if you’re working from home and rely upon the Internet for your job.

There are no disadvantages to getting network cable installed at your home in Birmingham, the improvements for gaming, video calls, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and general stability of your home network are all greatly improved.

In short, yes, wherever possible always opt for a wired cable network connection over Wi-Fi where possible. Hardwired cable networks are simply faster, more secure and less prone to dropping out.

Assuming your devices have an Ethernet port, having a wired cable connection will benefit from: faster speeds, less latency and a more reliable connection than a Wi-Fi network.

On a typical three bedroomed type property in Birmingham it costs between £80 to £120 to have an Ethernet port installed depending on the cable length, the more Ethernet ports installed, the cheaper each one becomes.

Depending on what category cable, but home network cabling in Birmingham can be as little as £40.00 per room without modular socket.

Ethernet cabling is done by making a connection via cabling from a router to a room with fixed cable, this would normally be installed discreetly on the exterior of the building.

No, you can leave Wi-Fi on for those that need Wi-Fi, using a wired connection at the same time will not reduce the Wi-Fi signal or vice versa.

Quotations for installing CAT-6 cable in Birmingham would be subject to a survey, so give us a call and we can start the process.

CAT-6 cables have stricter performance specifications and significantly higher data transfer speeds at greater distances.