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TV Wall Mounting

If you are considering fitting a TV to a wall, there are many things you should consider first: There are many different types of brackets available for TV wall mounting, though most of the cheaper ones are wholly inadequate for the purpose they are intended for.

We offer advice where needed and a full installation service using the safest and most reliable brackets at sensible prices.

Two of the most important things about installing a TV on a wall are: The TV bracket and the type of wall.

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TV Brackets

The TV bracket, a TV bracket should have a wall fixing plate that is equal if not wider than the fixing plate at the rear of the TV that is to be fitted. The reason for this is to give the bracket greater span across the wall allowing for more fixings to be used across a wider area of the wall.

This allows the weight of the TV to be spread over a greater area which helps to provide a sturdier and more durable wall-mounting.

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The Type Of Wall

The wall that the TV is to be fitted to will either be a soft wall, a plasterboard/stud wall or hard wall, plaster on brick. Plasterboard/stud walls require a lot more thought when installing a TV and bracket, extra thought should be given to the types of fixings to be used as standard wall plugs have no effect when used in plasterboard as they have nothing to expand against. Dry wall fixings as they are known are best for this type of installation.

Brick walls require less thought regarding the type of fixing to be used, standard wall plugs and screws will be adequate here.

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