TV Wall Mounting Solihull

There are many reasons why people choose to mount modern TVs on walls, from the space saving advantages to improved viewing angles. To ensure the best results though it is wise to call on an experienced team to do the installation.

MKH fit the bill perfectly, established as the number one provider of TV wall mounting in Solihull.

The crucial thing with wall mounted TVs is you need to look out for the safety of the device and the wall itself. If you mount the TV incorrectly you can damage both, leaving you with a large bill to worry about.

large tv hanging beautifully finished
large tv hanging 1 wall drilled
large tv hanging preparing tv bracket

Before getting to the actual mounting it is important to be clear on what the surface is made of. If it is soft, made from plasterboard or stud, you need to mount differently than you would with brick or plaster. With the latter screws and plugs may be enough. Softer surfaces won’t support normal plugs and screws so special fixing will be needed.

In addition to the type of surface you need to select a suitable bracket for the job. They can vary in style and the screen sizes they support. Make sure you don’t choose one meant for a smaller television; it will cause a lot of problems and won’t spread out the weight as effectively. If you need to be able to tilt or move the screen you must ensure the mount has those features.

tv wall mounting in Solihull saves space and looks great

See The Difference With MKH TV Wall Mounting Service

With our team at MKH Aerials you can expect high quality wall mounting solutions every single time. We will plan each one with care, providing the right brackets and using fixings to suit the specific type of surface.

Our services are very highly regarded for the quality of the workmanship but we still work very hard to make them as cost effective as possible. This is one of the reasons why we have managed to hold our position at the head of our field since 1995.

If you would like to arrange a service with the best company for TV wall mounting Solihull has please get in touch with us. We can tailor the fitting to suit your needs, ensuring the finish is perfect and suits the space.

Whether it is a simply installation or a more challenging project you can have complete confidence in us.

we carry out tv wall mounting for business and domestic clients across the solihull region

What Our Customers Say

Haleema Masood

Excellent customer service by Mark and his team. Highly recommended! Mark took down our old TV from a corner bracket and placed our new TV on the opposite wall.

The work was done very nearly, all wires were hidden.

Beautiful job done. Thank you very much Mark!

Gregory Chapman

I emailed MKH about mounting a TV onto the wall in my house. Mark got back to me promptly and he came around with his team the next day to carry out the work. They were very friendly, very professional and very good value. The job was really neat and tidy.

From my experience, I would highly recommend MKH.

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TV Wall Mounting FAQ

A. This depends on many factors, such as: The size of TV, the size and type of bracket to be used, any connecting cables that may need extending, how to conceal the cables and the structure of the wall.

A. Firstly, is the wall suitable for fitting a TV to, is there a power point where the TV is to be sighted, do any other cables that will connect to the TV fit from their existing position and can the cables be buried in the wall or in decorative trunking?

A. Full motion brackets will move at all angles and are best suited to a TV that will be fitted in a corner of a room generally. Full motion brackets are much heavier than flat to wall brackets!

A. Flat to wall brackets are ideal in the centre of a wall, do not turn side to side and have a forward tilt if required. They are also much sturdier if the wall is plasterboard than a full motion bracket would be.

A. Using the correct brackets, knowing what the wall structure is, using correct wall fixings and having the right tools it is possible.

A. As most TV’s now are thin and flat, it is strongly recommended that two people hold either end from the bottom and sides to lift and position the TV, the TV may have to be removed a few times during installation.

A. Though this is possible, for many reasons it can be troublesome… for instance if a cable fails you can’t change it, burying cables requires a lot of remedial work such as plastering and redecoration. However if it’s a stud wall or plasterboard has been spotted and dabbed into place it can be possible to fish cables between the plasterboard and brickwork.

A. Yes these types of installations are great for concealing cables, all cabling is fitted outside with external heavy weight conduit.

A. All wall structures are suitable if the correct type of bracket, fixings and techniques are used, though larger TV’s on heavy full motion brackets are not suitable for mounting on plasterboard or studded walls.

A. As a general the answer would be No as plasterboard is not strong enough to hold the weight of a large TV and full motion bracket.

A. If you are changing to a similar sized TV then you shouldn’t encounter any problems and the bracket should fit.

A. Burying cables in walls comes with a few problems as explained earlier, therefore cables being concealed in ‘D’ line decorative conduit is much more practical and much less expensive.

A. Yes this is the perfect situation to Wall mount a TV without any cables being visible.

A. Yes if there is a heat deflecting source such as a shelf or fire surround that will stop heat rising directly under the TV.

A. Yes, but a slight gap should always be left between the two to avoid sound vibration.

A. The internet is full of TV wall brackets ranging from cheap to very expensive, some of the cheaper ones are of very poor quality such as the gauge of the steel being very thin and weak making them liable to twist. Most installers will carry their own trade rated brackets, though slightly more expensive than cheap online types they will serve the project much better in the long run.