How To Shop Online for TV Aerial Installation

Surfing the internet for goods and services can be very daunting, and misleading. If for example you are looking for a TV aerial to be installed or just a repair to a satellite dish or aerial, and you enter these search terms into a search engine, you will have plenty to choose from.

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Speak To A Person On The Phone

By speaking to someone on the phone, it will allow you to ask more questions than you could by filling out a “book a call option” it will also give you a feel for the company you are dealing with. Unfortunately most companies will try not to give a quote whilst on the phone, but then some will. Of those that will give you a quote, will do so to book the call and once an engineer arrives, they will find any reason to inflate the price.

Always make contact by phone, this allows you to ask specific questions. Ask as many questions as is relative to your request and get a fixed estimate/quote and ask them to confirm this by email. They will not want to do this as it forms a type of contract. This will save you hours of wasting time in looking for a realistic price.
On the internet when you search for a service you will see lots of adds relevant to your search and lots of companies bidding for your custom. This unfortunately creates a situation by where the advertiser to get noticed has to create a price that is almost impossible to be true.

I have worked in the Satellite and Aerial industry for over 23 years and for most of that time have advertised in all forms, from: Directories, local papers, advertising magazines, trade magazines and of course the internet.

The same technique has been used many times, advertise an unrealistically low price in order to get the calls and when they arrive it can be treble what you expected to pay.

MKH TV Aerials installer

My philosophy has always been that honesty is the best policy.

I pride myself on this and always do my best to offer the best service and most effective advice on the telephone before visiting and in person.

When I can fix a price with you over the phone, I will do so. There are no unpleasant surprises with MKH Aerials.

For no obligation advice on your Television Aerial Installation, please call or email me using the information below.