Find out how your family, business or premises can benefit from Multi-Room Installation

The UK has switched to digital which means that everyone gets access to multiple channels and a much wider choice of what to watch.

With terrestrial TV, if you were watching the football but your other half wanted to relax in front of the latest episode of Sex and the City, the problem was easy to solve, all you had to do was decide which one of you would watch in another room.

With digital and satellite, unless you’ve got all the TVs in your home set up to receive the signal from your digital aerial or satellite dish, you can’t watch digital channels. The only way to combat this is to have Multi-Room capabilities installed in your home.

Why should I choose Multi-Room?

Multi-Room allows you to watch whatever you want, wherever you want, so everyone can be kept happy.

In Homes

Deciding who gets to choose what to watch can be a big cause of family arguments. With Multi-Room you can watch sports in the living room, cookery in the kitchen and movies in the bedroom. So no more fighting over the remote control and no more having to schedule in the things you want to watch.

With Multi-Room no one has to compromise and no one has to miss their favourite shows. Instead, you’ll have the freedom to choose what you watch and where you watch it.

In Pubs and Restaurants

Many pubs now show sport on a regular basis and showing live matches is a great way of getting the customers in. But what if there are two or more big games on at the same time? You’ve got to choose which one you want to show meaning you lose potential customers who want to see something else.

Multi-Room will allow you to show different things on different screens, so you can show the big football match in the front bar and the Rugby in the back, so all your customers are kept happy and won’t end up taking their custom somewhere else.

In Schools

Remember the feeling of elation you used to get when the teacher wheeled that banged up old TV and video recorder into the classroom?

Things have moved on a bit since then and kids at school have access to all sorts of technology. Watching TV is a great way to educate kids and there are thousands of educational programmes for every subject.

When you install Multi-Room in schools gives teachers much more choice about how to use TV as an educational tool and it’s great for common rooms and receptions too.

Whether you have Sky, Freeview or Freesat you can have Multi-Room installed and when you employ the services of a professional installer they’ll be able to put in your Multi-Room neatly and efficiently with no messy wires on show.

So choose Multi-Room today and transform the way you watch TV in one easy step.