4 Advantages of an Ethernet Connection

Advantages of an Ethernet Connection

Whether at home or work, you’re having to weigh up the advantages of having an Ethernet connection installed.

If you’re in a situation where you frequently connect to your home or office network, Ethernet may be a better choice for your needs as an Ethernet connection offers several advantages.

1. High data transfer speed

The primary advantage of an Ethernet connection is its high data transfer speed. Wi-Fi and other wireless connections are flexible, but they can’t provide the kind of data transfer speed that is required for today’s modern businesses or demanding home user.

Because it is wired, it’s faster than a wireless connection and an Ethernet connection doesn’t slow down when you move further away from the switch.

Ethernet can transfer data at 100 Gbps. So, when it comes to speed, an Ethernet connection is a clear choice.

2. Versatility

The second advantage of an Ethernet connection is its versatility. Once installed, an Ethernet connection can connect multiple devices to one network. With enough splitters, you can connect as many devices as you like over the same network. Ethernet is popular with many homes and offices with multiple devices.

3. A more secure connection

Another major advantage of an Ethernet connection is its higher security. It allows you to have better control over the users of your network and reduces the chance of hacking. To hack a wired network, you have to physically access the router, which can make it more secure than a WiFi network.

4. A reliable connection

Additionally, it provides supreme reliability. You won’t experience interruptions from radio frequencies, so you’ll experience fewer slowdowns and disconnections.

You won’t experience bandwidth shortages, either, since an Ethernet connection is hard-wired into the internet.

What about Wi-Fi?

When choosing between Wi-Fi and an Ethernet connection, it’s important to consider the differences between them.

Wi-Fi is easier to install, but as we’ve highlighted above, an Ethernet connection is more reliable and secure.

Furthermore, whilst Wi-Fi allowing third parties to easily access your network might be convenient in some instances it also has a great security risk than a hard-wired connection.


Of course, if mobile connectivity is key, then a blending approach, combining both Ethernet and Wi-Fi is probably your best solution.

In our option, the advantages of using an Ethernet connection outweigh the disadvantages, so if you’re looking to upgrade you home network, read more about our home network cable installation service in Birmingham.