Domestic Freeview Digital TV Aerial Repairs

Over time digital TV aerials, Sky and European satellite TV equipment becomes subject to the ravages of wear and tear, weathering, or ‘acts of god’.

High quality TV aerials, dishes, masts and brackets are made from metals and plastics which are made to take a surprising amount of environmental stress or accidental damage. In the real world however, nothing is indestructible.

How Will I Know If My Equipment Is Damaged?

If something does significantly damage your old aerial or dish, you may experience a frustrating outage of service.

The symptoms vary greatly from no TV picture at all, to ‘mosaic’ effects on your TV and other visual or audible disturbances.

Whatever the cause or symptom, you’ll no doubt want to put it right as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Efficient Work Without Fuss

Call 0121 749 4029 to arrange a repair or use our easy contact form here.

We pride ourselves in leaving your home as clean and tidy as it was when we arrived.

You can relax in the knowledge that we will give you the best service we can, restoring your digital TV service to great working order as quickly as possible.

Digital TV Aerial And Satellite Repairs

Our experienced digital TV installation and repair technicians offer a comprehensive repair service whether you require Sky repairs, satellite repair, satellite dish repair, digital TV aerial repairs or repairs associated with other components of your TV receiving equipment.

Cables can get worn or cut accidentally and mounting brackets can be knocked or disturbed by other building work carried out on your home or even high winds. MKH Aerials make repairs to external dishes or aerials with a minimum of disruption and fuss.

Sometimes you may simply require a realignment of your current digital TV aerial or satellite dish to return your service to peak condition. You can be sure that once we leave your home, the anchors or clamps holding your aerial or dish in place will be tight and working properly to maintain your digital TV service.

Domestic TV Aerial repair by Mark Hutton of MKH Aerials

tv-screenRepair Or Replace

Some components are impossible to repair or may be more expensive to repair than to replace.

For example, instead of Freeview box repairs, Sky box repairs or repairing a European satellite TV receiver, we may instead offer you a replacement Freeview box, Sky box or European satellite receiver or any of the external equipment required.

In such cases you can be sure that the high quality replacement equipment will be fitted, installed and configured for you at a very reasonable price and without mess or fuss.