TV Aerial Installation Birmingham

As technology has improved so too have the number of different options that are available in terms of TV services.

Understanding which is best and what equipment is needed can be tricky though. Luckily our team at MKH Aerials can help. We have a fantastic reputation as the leading provider of TV aerial installation Birmingham has, supporting clients and delivering the greatest results.

The Right Aerial is Key to Good TV Reception

The key to great service and TV reception is the right aerial and ensuring it is installed effectively. A large number of obstacles can interfere with the signals, affecting the performance.

You need to overcome these to ensure problems are avoided. Our team will help you to do just that as well as making use of the correct equipment.

tv aerial installation Birmingham

A Reputation Built on Service and Value

One thing that has helped us to retain our position and build our reputation is we always focus on delivering the maximum value for our clients.

In a number of cases signal problems are not down to the condition of the aerial. Instead they are caused by incorrect fitting and positioning. We can rectify these without needing to do a complete replacement.

We can also conduct all kinds of TV aerial repairs if deterioration or damage has caused the issue.

If replacing the aerial with a new one is the only option we will select the right equipment to suit your needs and budget. In addition we will complete the job as quickly and safely as possible, delivering the best quality.

Correct Alignment for the Best Service

When providing new aerials we always look to the long term, ensuring they are installed correctly and aligned to provide the best service.

Modern TV aerials are more streamlined and have lower wind resistance to help them stave off wear and tear for longer.

This makes them a much better investment.

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Experienced TV Aerial Installers in Birmingham

Whether chimney, gable, or loft installation is necessary we will access the area safely to complete the job.

This is a hallmark of our service and we will deliver the most professional results.

Our team have the relevant training and experience to meet the highest standards.

MKH Aerials can provide services to suit all kinds of requirements, catering for properties of every size and scale. This flexibility coupled with the professionalism and value for money we offer are the reason we remain the number one provider of TV aerial installation Birmingham has.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

TV Aerial Installations FAQs

A new digital TV aerial and a digital TV box (‘digibox’) will mean that you can enjoy the benefits of digital TV broadcasts in all but the weakest signal areas.

If you have problems with poor signal levels and are unlikely to benefit from even a boosted high gain digital TV aerial, then we may suggest that you change over to Freesat which receives your subscription free digital TV programmes from satellite broadcasters rather than terrestrial TV transmitters.

MKH Aerials Install And Repair Digital TV Equipment Such As:

  • Digital TV Aerials
  • Freeview Systems (Freeview Box & High Quality Digital Aerial)
  • Single Room and Multi-Room Digital TV Systems

If you find that your TV picture is fuzzy, or you can’t receive as many channels as you used to, you may find that your TV aerial is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced.

It may just be that your aerial has become loose, or perhaps it has suffered damage or deterioration. Whatever is causing your poor TV signal, we can investigate it for you and provide the best solution.

Sometimes it is possible to fix your existing equipment cheaper than installing replacement aerials. If an aerial repair is not possible, we’ll install a high-quality aerial replacement for you.

If you have an old aerial that has become loose and is noisy when it is windy, we can secure it for you or even take it down if you have changed to satellite or cable TV and no longer require it.

A digital TV aerial’s performance – is described by manufactures technical information in terms of Frequency Range, Gain, Beam Width H/V, Front to Back Ratio, impedance, Wind Load and Group.

Essentially, that means that TV aerials come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most important factors of an aerial is the wind factor. Some of the larger more expensive aerials tend to have a greater wind factor than more moderately priced aerials available on the market.  The risk this poses to the longevity of the aerial has to be balanced by any improvement in gain.

It is true that the bigger the aerial and the more elements, the greater signal gain. However strong signal gain TV aerials (high gain aerials – as they are known) are not always necessary. Since the onset of digital TV, most areas will have been supplied with main or relay transmitters that will supply enough output signal for most locations.

Through years of experience, it has become clear that the best aerials should be streamlined, with low wind resistance. If you needed a stronger signal because of distance from a transmitter, or distribution to more than one TV, then a masthead amplifier would be the best choice instead of a large aerial that catches more wind and degrades more quickly.

All TV aerials are made for internal or external usage though some of the larger type aerials are not easy to manoeuvre in a loft for the correct positioning to maximise signal detection. Therefore there is no such thing as a loft aerial.

Whilst moderate to good reception can be gained from a loft, the signal is stronger when the TV aerial is installed outside on a chimney or gable end.

Both BT and Freeview use the digital signal pathway for terrestrial TV reception.

Therefore once a digital TV aerial is installed and you have a good digital signal you have the availability of both the above suppliers.

For Radio we also offer the installation of Dab and FM Aerials these can also be integrated into you TV distribution system around the home.