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Network Cable Installation Solihull

Although Wi-Fi technology has advanced substantially over the years there are still limitations to the signal strength. In larger properties, areas where the signal may be blocked, and outbuildings this can become an issue. Luckily we have a solution at MKH Aerials, the leading provider of network cable installation Solihull has.

With the correct cabling you can install a hard line for your internet connection in a myriad of locations. Devices can be plugged directly into this or you can set up a second Wi-Fi router to offer wireless connectivity. The choice is yours and with high quality components you can enjoy fantastic results.

The crucial thing to success with network cabling is to use the right type of cable. Generally the choice comes down to either Cat 5e or Cat 6. The choice will come down to your budget and the kind of performance you want. Cat 6 cables are more costly but boast the very highest specifications. They are most commonly used in multi-point environments. Cat 5e is still preferred for many home installations.

When you call on us for help with network cable installation we will discuss your needs with you and offer suggestions. With our assistance and expertise you can get the results you want and make the very most of your budget.

Once we are clear on what you need and the equipment you want we will plan the installation with care. This is important to maintain the quality and keep disruptions to a minimum. With planning we can determine exactly where cables need to be run, how long they have to be, and where the ports and outlet plates will be positioned. We will keep everything nicely organised and ensure the areas where we work remain clean.

With MKH Aerials you will receive a professional service from start to finish and have our highly trained team to call on if you ever have questions or concerns. We are a well established company, having been in business since 1995. In that time we have seen the big changes in technology and consumer needs. We are confident we can cater for all of them.

If you want to find out more about why we are regarded as one of the best providers of network cable installation Solihull has please get in touch.