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Commercial Freeview Digital TV Aerial / Antenna Repairs by MKH Aerials

At MKH Aerials we are aware that if your digital TV aerial, Sky TV or other satellite equipment is damaged, your service suffers right away. Commercial buildings utilising TV distribution equipment require a rapid and discrete service. Whatever the cause of the problem or symptoms, you’ll no doubt want to put it right as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum of fuss.

Our experienced digital TV installation and repair technicians offer a comprehensive repair service whether you require SKY repairs, satellite repair, satellite dish repair, aerial work or repairs associated with other components of your TV receiving equipment. Whatever the scale of your digital TV distribution system, we have the knowledge and professional attitude to provide a smooth, assured service that you’ll appreciate.

Repair Or Replace

MKH Aerials also have access to a wide array of component stock meaning that we can replace Freeview boxes, SKY boxes and European satellite TV receivers as well as repairing the cabling, aerials, dishes and infrastructure serving them.