Digital TV reception in Solihull

Recently whilst working in Solihull, I was asked why in different locations there were so many different pole heights. This is all down to location and obstruction, where there is low lying ground a taller pole would be needed to gain a clean signal above other properties, trees or larger buildings. Typical examples of where pole height is important around the Solihull area are at the rear of Touchwood shopping centre this is because of large buildings being mainly constructed of a lot of sheet steel which deflects the signals.

In the Dorridge area there are quite a few low spots that can be difficult to gain good TV reception due to certain roads being in a dip and also large trees that occupy the road side, this is where large poles play an important part of TV reception. Damson Wood side of Solihull has also had its fair share of problems over the years due mainly to the extension of the Jaguar Land Rover site, again where there is large steel buildings.

The main serving transmitter for the Solihull, Dorridge, Shirley and Knowle areas, is the Sutton Coldfield transmitter. The distance between Solihull town centre and the transmitter (as the crow flies) is about 16 miles, between these two locations there will be a difference in ground height, couple this with obstructions such as trees and buildings you can see why there is no standard height for a pole.

Pole height and there installation, are a very important issue, I have seen TV aerials leaning precariously and also fallen, due to them not be installed correctly. A 3-5 foot pole at 1” diameter would be installed using a 4” bracket. However a pole that needs to be higher than 5 foot and up to 10 feet needs to be of a larger diameter such 1”1/2 the supporting bracket would also need to be larger for example 9” or 12”. If over 10 feet 2” diameter poles are used, again, with larger brackets.

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