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TV wall mounting Shirley

As time has passed, something that’s changed about televisions, besides their overall composition, is how we position them. The team at MKH Aerials has done all they can to ensure that we remain up to date on all the latest developments. As a result clients can enjoy the high calibre service they deserve. Our skills have helped us to become the number one for TV wall mounting Shirley residents can call on. Although the installations can be risky, the training and experience we possess means you will receive great results.

This type of work is no walk in the park and requires that you consider many variables. For instance, there are all sorts of brackets to choose from, but the cheapest models tend to be the most unsuitable. Ideally, the bracket should come with a wall fixing plate for the back of your television. The reason why is it has a wider span and spreads the weight more effectively.

The variety of wall you are going to be working with is also a major element that needs to be reviewed. Typically, the surface in question shall be a hard brick, a plasterboard/stud design, or the soft kind. The plasterboard/stud and softer variations demand that far more thought be put in when mounting a TV.

The fixings you will employ require your attention as well. This is because conventional plugs are not compatible with plasterboard since there’s nothing for them to expand against. In such scenarios, dry wall fixings would be the ideal choice. If you’re dealing with a brick wall, then standard screws and plugs shall suffice.

Should you decide to call upon the assistance of the team here at MKH Aerials, rest assured that you will receive the very best of services. Not only shall we select the most fitting type of bracket for your specifications, but we’ll also take the necessary steps to guarantee that it won’t damage your existing structure, or your TV for that matter.

If you desire our help, or you simply wish to find out more what we have to offer, you’re welcome to contact us whenever you want to. We may be the best for TV wall mounting Shirley has, but we also provide aerial installs, network cabling, and other services.