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TV Aerial Installation Solihull

Although television aerials have advanced a great deal over the years high quality installations remain important to achieving the best signal gain and reception. You can buy the highest quality equipment but if it isn’t fitted and set up correctly you’ll receive poor services if you get any at all. Fortunately our team at MKH Aerials have remained the leading provider of TV aerial installation Solihull has, ensuring we can deliver the best solutions for clients.

The most important thing to installing the equipment correctly is to get the positioning right. You can place an aerial in a loft or mount it to a chimney, a gable end, or a pole. To maximise signal gain you need to choose a location with minimal obstacles and must get the alignment right. We can determine the perfect placement for you, ensuring you get the reception you want.

One of the main things that have made us such a great provider is we ensure our team is very highly trained. They will access your property with care, using the right equipment in the process. This maximises their own safety and is also good for the components they are handling. When fitting an aerial the workmanship will be the highest quality, ensuring a solid, stable installation.

As part of the service we will check to make sure the aerial is properly aligned and not overly exposed to wind loading. The latter is important as too much can lead to premature failure of the equipment if the weather is particularly bad. Modern aerials tend to be more streamlined and have narrower profiles to reduce this loading.

When you call on us we will do our utmost to complete the installation as quickly as possible so your services are up and running and we don’t disrupt your schedule. To achieve this we plan the job and bring everything we will need with us when we come to your property. That way there should be no unnecessary waiting.

If you want to work with the most reliable provider of TV aerial installation Solihull has we are definitely the company for you. MKH Aerials has been serving the town and wider region since 1995 and possesses a fantastic reputation. This has been built up over the years with care and by ensuring we always deliver the highest standards and great value. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.