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Network Cable Installation Shirley

Wi-Fi is a wonderful invention, but like everything else, it has its flaws. We may have advanced tremendously when it comes to technology; however, our internet’s signal strength continues to be an annoyance every so often. The team at MKH Aerials can assist you with these issues by using our extensive knowledge to offer you better connections. We are the best for network cable installations Shirley has and can create hardwired infrastructure that is reliable.

We are capable of running network cabling to weak signal spots throughout a property. With a few well-placed network sockets in position, you can choose from one of two options. The first is to introduce a wireless access point at your new socket in order to bestow yourself with Wi-Fi’s conveniences in places that lacked them before. The second is to plug directly in for maximum speeds.

One variety of cabling that we are particularly proficient with is that of the CAT cables. Of course, before deciding on which model is ideal for your distinct specifications, we must first discover what they are. In terms of industry standards, opinions are generally in favour of CAT 5e, but CAT 6 is a more dominant, not to mention expensive, design.

To understand why, we must inspect their potential. CAT 5e provides a 1000mbps speed, a 100 MHz frequency, and is roughly 30% cheaper. CAT 6 on the other hand has a speed of 10Gbps over 33 to 35 meters, and its frequency maxes out at 250 MHz.

In the majority of home offices, the contrasting performances of the two CAT data cables aren’t going to be perceptible. Hardly any of the standard technologies will transcend the 5e’s latent speed. In short, it’s suitable for most individuals. CAT 6 cables are typically located in more spacious office environments. Should a homeowner request one for his or her own premises though, we would be more than happy to oblige.

At MKH Aerials we give nothing but the best to customers when they are in need of our services. Every single job is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible to guarantee that you are up and running in good time. Aside from our installation work, we can supply you with aid in other areas too, including repairs, examinations, and repositioning.

If you desire the help of the leading experts for network cable installation Shirley has, you’re welcome to contact us.