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Network Cable Installation Hall Green

Anyone who is knowledgeable on the subject of Wi-Fi will be well aware that this technology isn’t infallible. Despite how far we have advanced from a technological standpoint, signal strength is still an annoying issue experienced by countless internet users on a daily basis. At MKH Aerials we have a solution however; as one of the top providers of network cable installation Hall Green has to offer, we can deliver reliable solutions.

High quality network cables can provide faster speeds than Wi-Fi can offer and don’t fall victim to the issues that disrupt signals. For example you can run cables throughout properties, overcoming issues such as distance from routers. A cable can end with a socket that a device can be plugged directly into or a second router.

Network cabling offers plenty of opportunities. You can decide where cables will be run and determine how the sockets are to be positioned. This is particularly great for larger office buildings or blocks of apartments.

In a home environment, the quintessential way to install network cables is to have us hardwire from output and input, and patch the Ethernet wires from your socket to the router and to the receiver from your socket. This provides the best service and avoids a number of potential issues.

What should not be done in this instance however is running the cables directly to the receiving device from your router by way of RJ45 connectors. We’ve seen this numerous times before and it’s a poor practice. If you have us install a socket there will be no need for you to panic about loose cables, replacing connectors, or trailing wires.

The MKH Aerials team is committed to supplying you with nothing less than a top calibre service. Ever since our founding in 1995, we have gone from strength to strength, changing along with the times and altering our services to suit current technologies.

The thing that really sets our service apart is we will assist clients in deciding exactly what hardware they need. The most difficult choice is generally what type of cable to go with. The decision typically comes down to cost versus performance. For example Cat6 offers higher performance but comes with a bigger price tag. We will discuss the options and offer recommendations.

No matter what Wi-Fi signal troubles you may experience, we’re confident that we can provide reliable solutions. Contact us to find out more about why we are the best team for network cable installation Hall Green has to offer.