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Aerial Installers Solihull

The thing that has made MKH Aerials the leading aerial installers Solihull has is we can select the right service to suit each individual client. If you are having issues with your TV reception or want to upgrade to a new system we can provide a solution for you, delivering great value for money in the process.

Aerials come in an array of shapes and sizes. It is crucial you choose the right one for your needs; select an inappropriate one and you can suffer poor reception or lose services completely. The latter is especially common with modern digital equipment.

Deciding what type of aerial to opt for and getting the sizing right can be tricky. Luckily we can offer support and advice to each and every client. It is true that larger aerials with more elements can offer greater signal gain but the largest ones are rarely necessary for domestic properties. Additionally you need to consider wind loading when selecting them. If you don’t you could find yourself with equipment that will quickly get damaged.

As well as choosing the right type of aerial it is also crucial to ensure it is installed in the correct location. Loft installations can offer some advantages but signals may be lost as a result, especially if the layout of the structure creates obstacles. Exterior installations tend to be better in terms of signal but you need to ensure the aerials are properly orientated and securely in place.

At MKH Aerials we work closely with each client to help them select the right equipment and location for the fitting. We will focus on delivering the very best results and maximum value for money. Our team are highly trained and passionate about offering the highest quality customer service.

When clients come to us for services they can expect professional recommendations and assurances they are dealing with an honest, reliable provider. We will get to know your requirements and decide which course of action is the best, whether it is a new installation or repairs and maintenance. Your budget will always be kept in mind so we can determine which course of action will give you the greatest results for your money.

If you ever need help from the most knowledgeable, experienced aerial installers Solihull has please contact us. We work across the town and the wider West Midlands region too.