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Aerial Installer Shirley

If we had to nominate a quality that has made us the top aerial installer Shirley has to offer, it would be the dedication we have towards customers. Since there’s no universal solution to all the problems we come across, we instead choose to focus on a client’s specific demands and select the service that would most suit them. Whether you require a minor upgrade or assistance with a faulty television reception, our people are just the ones for the job.

Because aerials come in a myriad of sizes and designs, it’s paramount that you pick the correct model for your personal needs. Do the opposite, and what you’ll be left with is a poor reception, or worse; a total loss of service. The second outcome is most commonly associated with digital aerials, so keep that in mind.

Aside from the excellent service we give to clients, another thing that we are known for is not cutting corners. Those who do practice such methods, or those who simply lack the experience to do a professional job, might opt to use narrow poles that end up being far too long for the diameter.

We utilise larger diameter brackets and poles for those aerials that surpass five or ten feet in size however. With these designs, there’s not much danger of your installation moving, bending, or flexing excessively during strong winds. Most important of all, they shall not break.

If, for whatever reason, you already have a terribly fitted pole, our team would be more than happy to refit it. By doing this for you, not only are we rectifying a lacklustre signal, but also a potentially hazardous installation. Should your current model not support your equipment full stop, we can replace it with cabling, poles, and an aerial that can. We only use high specification cables and top quality products to ensure great services.

For those who are after trustworthy aerial installers, we can say with absolute certainty that our team is the ideal choice. Not only will we provide you with a first class experience, but we’ll also keep everyone safe whilst doing so. We don’t take unnecessary risks but we do wear the appropriate safety garments when operating at height. Furthermore, we also take care to ensure that our gear doesn’t pose a threat to anyone or anything.

If you need help from a team renowned as being the best aerial installer Shirley has to offer, then you should get in touch with us.